Concerning Time

concerning (kənˈsɜːnɪŋ)

1. about; regarding; on the subject of
2. worrying or troublesome

 Okay, fine, we took nearly seven years or so to make a record. The good news is that it’s done and we love how it turned out and I don’t think any of the four of us would change a thing.

I remember early on, sometime around 2008 or so, we would crack wise about finishing the album in “five years or so”. Oh how we’d laugh at such a ridiculous idea. Sure, we’d take our time, it was to be a labor of love done strictly for the joy of making music, making art, having fun with the process, a celebration, an excuse to get together and drink some good Scotch (and eventually Geoff’s homebrewed beer out of our assigned KISS pint glasses) in Paul’s studio now and then. But seven years? If you would have told me that when we started this thing I would absolutely have found that “worrying or troublesome”.

Thanks to the wonder of time stamps I can see that I sent out the first demo on November 3rd, 2007. It’s for a song called Easter Island that ended up being track two on the finished product when all the dust settled. Not the oldest song on the record (we ended up going back and reworking some previously existing material) but the first one written with the idea of a new Wish record in mind.

Eventually, I think it was sometime in the Winter of 2013, Paul suggested that we title the album “Concerning Time”. We all immediately liked the idea, or at least that’s how I remember it. Besides the obvious allusion to our glacial recording pace, we had also written some interesting time signature changes that helped define the feel of the record. More importantly, several of the songs have lyrical themes that are indeed concerning time.

So here we are, it’s finally done, I can hold it in my hand or put it into my car stereo or hand it to a friend. It’s officially available on itunes as of a week ago, I actually downloaded a copy myself. Kind of surreal after all this time to be at my computer, typing out a few thoughts on the finished Wish record, but here I sit. Better still, it sounds great, even better than I expected. Time well spent if you ask me.

April 30th, 2014


“Head back and staring at the stars, as a thousand years drift by”

-T.O.W., Easter Island